Andrea's Point Photography | 52 Frames 2014
Created 31-Jan-14
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The "52 Frames" project is a collaboration of artists from around the world, sharing the best of their weekly-work, according to different themes. Visit us here on Facebook. Message from Andrea: So far I have not missed a week and create each image weekly according to the theme. Several images from this group appeared at our London exhibit in March at Photofusion Gallery. Each week the top three images are chosen. I received 2nd place during Movie week and 3rd place during Quiet week.
Week 1 "Self Portrait"Week 2  "In the beginning…"Week 3 Black & WhiteWeek 4 "Greetings from…"Week 5 "Out of My Comfort Zone!"  Photographed a Stranger.Week 6 "Five Senses"Week 7 "Reflection"Week 8 "Action"Week 9 "On Your Plate"Week 10 "Find the Hidden Object" -Find the catWeek 11 "Home"Week 12 "Balance"Week 13 "Inanimate"Week 14 "Body Parts"Week 15 "Furniture"Week 16 "Abstract"Week 17 "Focus"Week 18 "Movie Scene" Placed 2nd best in 52 FramesWeek 19 "Morning"Week 20 "Forced Perspective"

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